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Latest News

our present interventions


A project of the Ministry of Women & Child Development (GOI) is a national 24-hour free emergency telephone helpline and outreach service for children in need of care and protection. AARAMBH is the collaborative agency of   CHILDLINE  SINCE 1998



The REACH Project is facilitating children in difficult situation for the long term support by creating a protective environment for them by providing Warm Food, Health, Shelter, Education and Life Skill Training facilities. The home has a facility to accommodate maximum 40 children



UMEED” Home for the children in distress and need & care, was started by AARAMBH in order to provide night shelter as well as Counseling services to children who are received by Child line or who are referred by CWC, Police Department, Railway Police and other agencies. This project is supported by the Department of Women Empowerment, MP, Govt.



With the support of Water Aid  AARAMBH has implemented Slum Environmental & Sanitation Project (SES)I, Area Improvement Fund and Community Initiative Fund (AIF-CIF) under ADB Project and SWADHAR project and also demonstrated how communities can be empowered to acquire adequate water and sanitation facilities that meets their needs and generate demand for sanitation facilities, health education, and capacity building and encouraged cost effective and appropriate technologies to ensure total open defecation free slums by constructing low cost individual HH latrines, community managed sanitation complexes and the community managed water supply system wherever required. We have our presence in 47 poverty pockets and created 48 Open Defecation Free slums with the provision for the water facility.



The project is supported by UNICEF- MP. The main objective of the project is to take initiatives to develop Child Friendly environment in the city of Bhopal and set up Child Protection Unit in collaboration with Police Department. The strategic objective of the project is to strengthening Child Rights in the society by creating awareness, understanding and commitment among decision makers, various allied systems and everyone who has day to day contact with children.



AARAMBH with the support of Sightsavers will be establishing system of primary eye care through community resource building and strengthening people to help them to restore sight, prevent blindness and promote equality for people who are irreversibly blind. The project would cover 1 Lakh families in Bhopal city by bringing them services for refractive error and linking them to higher level services for other eye conditions such as cataract and glaucoma. Under this project two vision centers in slum cluster will be established.



PFI supported by DFID has embarked on the production of the first 52 episodes of a multimedia entertainment education TV serial, which focuses on women’s empowerment as its central theme. Through the series, AARAMBH advocating and mobilizing women to behavioural change, empowerment of women, delayed age at marriage, delayed age at first pregnancy and spacing between births, and promote gender equality and improved health seeking behaviors. The serial will be aired on Doordarshan and disseminated through other media as well, including a radio adaptation, internet and mobile phones.



The project was launched in Bhopal on 9th September 2011 with the support of ND TV, COCA COLA, UN HABITAT, PEARSONS FOUNDATION and CAF. The campaign during the year 2011 - 2012 reached a milestone of 08 Government schools and has already touched the lives of over 3,000 children in Bhopal. The interventions made at these schools have helped reduce dropouts and absenteeism and also increased the enrollments especially of girls. In Bhopal the project was initiated by AARAMBH in eight government schools by providing Improved Access to Water facility, Hygiene and Sanitation by providing toilet facilities for girls and boys, Water Conservation by providing Rain Water Harvesting Structures, Environment by providing Plantation and landscaping and Healthy Active Living by providing Sports facilities

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